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King unveils new RT logo and song
THE STAR - Nation Friday May 19, 2006

KANGAR: The Yang di-Pertuan Agong, Tuanku Sirajuddin Syed Putra Jamalullail unveiled the new Rukun Tetangga logo and theme song when launching the National Unity Month Celebration 2006 at the Kangar Stadium in Perlis Friday.

Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Datuk Dr Maximus Ongkili said the logo was part of the National Unity and Integration Department's efforts in promoting Rukun Tetangga as a dynamic and excellent institution. The theme song is titled "Lima Prinsip Rukun Negara".

A total of 12 organisations, including Star Publications (M) Bhd, received the Penjana Perpaduan Award as recognition for their commitment in helping the Government to promote unity.



Opinion (The Star) Monday May 22, 2006

RT way to ensure security

WHAT has happened to Rukun Tetangga (RT)? In the days when RT was in full swing, every able-bodied man in each housing estate had to be involved in patrols.

Each group of 10 or more would patrol an allocated area of the housing estate for a number of hours. They also had a “base” or community hall where they would congregate. The community hall became a meeting place for the residents of the housing estate.

By going around in groups, the RT patrols found safety in numbers. Rarely did we hear of thefts or break-ins in well-managed RT bases. With such a large group moving around, thieves and burglars would think twice before trying to break into houses.

RT was self-service in action, as the residents were responsible for the security of their area. The Government only had to come up with a minimal sum to help pay for utility bills.

It was a cost-effective, win-win situation where residents helped each other in times of need.

It provided some peace of mind to those who slept, as they knew that others were keeping watch.

Everybody chipped in for the welfare of all in the housing estate.

S.H. Huang


Rukun Tetangga urged to play Educational Role
November 23, 2004 19:34 PM

Rukun Tetangga Urged To Play Educational Role

IPOH, Nov 23 (Bernama) -- Rukun Tetangga (RT) groups nationwide should diversify their activities, especially in education, to produce a knowledgeable society, Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Joseph Entulu Belaun said Tuesday.

He said a knowledgeable society was important to mould citizens who could contribute to the country's growth and the RT should hold educational seminars on issues like parenting skills.

"Such programmes are greatly beneficial because aside from guiding parents in creating happy families, they could also foster harmony," he said at the launch of the RT centre in Taman Kelebang Jaya, Chemor, near here.

His speech was delivered by Manjoi state assemblyman Datuk Nadzri Ismail.

Calling for improvements in RT or neighbourhood watch activities, Entulu said: "Everyone should have the determination to raise the status of RT as a progressive entity which can compete with other well-known non-governmental organisations.

"RT centres should be made into meeting points for all strata of society to exchange ideas, hold courses or expand their minds towards creating happy families", he said.



Rukun Tetangga committees ordered to send report on illegals

SANDAKAN, Feb 21 (The Borneo Post)

Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Datuk Dr Maximus Ongkili has directed the Rukun Tetangga (RT) committees to submit report on the presence of illegal immigrants in their areas to the National Unity and Integration Department which comes under his ministry.

"Reports on the presence of illegal immigrants is very important for the Government to solve the problem in the country," he said.

Speaking at the Rukun Tetangga programme and opening of an integration program for the National Service trainees here for the weekend, Maximus said the Government is hoping for full cooperation from Rukun Tetangga committees in addressing the illegal immigrants problem.

He said he had already received several reports form the Rukun Tetangga committees on the presence of illegal immigrants in their areas.

The reports had been submitted to the relevant authorities which are in a position and have the expertise in handling the matter, said Maximus.

Asked about the NS trainees integration programme, he said it is aimed at strengthening the national spirit of integration and unity among the trainees coming from various background.

During the event, 21 NS trainees comprising of 16 males and 5 females from the Bagai Budi Camp were placed under 17 foster parents who are members of te RT committees.


Rukun Tetangga Centres To Help Develop Rural Community, Says Ongkili

KUNDASANG, Feb 13 (Bernama) -- Rukun Tetangga centres can act as the catalyst in the community development especially in rural areas. The Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Datuk Dr Maximus Ongkili said the centres among others can contribute to the society by organising activities for students sitting for the SPM and PMR examinations.

The rukun tetangga centres would also provide opportunities for the youngsters to interact, to exchange views and train them to work in teams from the early age, he said in his speech during opening ceremony of the Kundasang Rukun Tetangga Centre, here, Monday.

"Other than that, locals can share information and data regarding unity activities or programmes from time to time. This will help in enhancing their knowledge, at the same time turn rukun tetangga into a competitive body," he said.


957. The RUKUN TETANGGA scheme was continued to foster a sense
of peaceful living among the multi-racial residents in
gazetted areas by maintaining order and friendly atmosphere as
well as to provide security surveillance on sector basis.
With the promulgation of the Essential (RUKUN TETANGGA)
(Amendment) Regulations in December 1982, the scheme was
classified into three categories based on incidence of crime
in the area. Steps were also taken to merge the Community
Relation Councils into the RUKUN TETANGGA scheme since early
1983 and thus enabling the enlarged RUKUN TETANGGA scheme to
be more involved in the promotion of neighbourliness among
residents. For areas with high incidence of crime, the scheme
emphasized compulsory registration of residents above 15 years
of age and patrol duty for those in the 18-55 age group while
for areas with low incidence of crime, the emphasis was on
various activities to promote neighbourliness among residents.
By the end of 1982, there were 715 sectors in operation, of
which 299 were in areas with low incidence of crime, 342 in
areas with medium incidence of crime and 74 in areas with high
incidence of crime.


Rukun Tetangga Leaders urged to enhance unity

Kangar - Leaders of Rukun Tetangga (RT) zones nationwide have been urged to hold programmes to enhance unity among the country's multi-racial population. In making the call, Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Datuk Dr Maximus O?ngkili said, RT leaders' role became more challenging lately as they also needed to ensure security in their respective areas.

"Each RT leader should assist the government's aspiration of seeing peace and harmony among the people," he said in his speech at a function held for Perlis RT leaders here Wednesday night.

He said progress and development achieved by the country would be redundant if there was animosity among Malaysians. Ongkili also called for the RT leaders to be prepared to conduct night patrols in their respective neighbourhoods in efforts to curb crimes and other social ills.


Rukun Tetangga members will get a day off for patrolling

Kuala Lumpur - Rukun Tetangga members o­n nigh beat for more than four hours will get a day off from work the following day effective in June. Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department, Datuk Dr. Maximus O­ngkili said, the government had agreed to this and the matter had been handed to the Attorney General’s Chambers to look into the legal aspect of its implementation.

He said, that in the past, RT members were given a day off for patrolling their neighborhoods but the system was halted about 10 years ago to abuse. He added the AG’s Chambers would study ways to implement the move to avoid abuse. The government has thus far approved the setting up of another 99 RT sectors nationwide 17 of which would be in Pahang.

It had also allocated RM10 million under the Ninth Malaysia Plan for renovation and upgrading of RT sectors and RM8 million for activities to enhance racial integration.


Permohonan tubuh Rukun Tetangga meningkat

KEMAMAN 14 Mei - Jabatan Perpaduan Negara dan Integrasi Nasional menerima permohonan begitu ketara daripada pihak-pihak yang mahu menubuhkan Rukun Tetangga (RT) di seluruh negara sejak awal tahun ini.

Ketua Pengarahnya, Datuk Azman Amin Hassan berkata, dalam tempoh tidak sampai lima bulan pertama tahun ini saja, jabatan itu menerima sebanyak 195 permohonan baru sedangkan kuota yang ditetapkan setiap tahun hanya 150.Beliau percaya peningkatan permohonan untuk penubuhan RT itu ada kaitan dengan keprihatinan rakyat terhadap penjagaan keselamatan di kawasan masing-masing terutama dengan banyaknya kejadian pecah rumah.``Ada beberapa kerajaan negeri yang mendesak kita agar menambah kuota sedia ada kerana keghairahan banyak pihak untuk menubuhkan RT.``Malah, ada kerajaan negeri yang sanggup menanggung sebahagian geran operasi yang diberikan kepada RT,'' katanya sempena majlis perasmian Pusat RT Paya Berenjut dan Hari Perpaduan Peringkat Terengganu di sini, hari ini.Perasmian itu disempurnakan oleh Pengerusi Jawatankuasa Kesihatan, Perpaduan dan Hal Ehwal Pengguna Negeri, Toh Chin Yaw yang mewakili Menteri Besar, Datuk Seri Idris Jusoh.Menurut Azman lagi, sehingga kini terdapat 3,192 buah RT di seluruh negara yang diberikan geran tahunan sebanyak RM2,500 untuk melakukan tugas rondaan di kawasan masing-masing.Mengenai langkah memberi `cuti gantian' kepada anggota RT yang bertugas melakukan rondaan selama empat jam, beliau berkata, kajian mengenai sama ada mereka berhak mendapat cuti atau sebaliknya dijangka selesai pada Jun ini.``Kita pada tahun 1970-an, kerajaan bagi sehari cuti kerana rondaan RT ketika itu diwajibkan tetapi sekarang tugas rondaan dilakukan secara sukarela dan ada pula yang meronda hanya setakat dua jam.``Faktor-faktor itulah yang menimbulkan masalah untuk kerajaan memberikan cuti gantian. Bagaimanapun kami menyerahkan kepada pihak Peguam Negara untuk menentukan,'' katanya.Dalam perkembangan yang sama, beliau memberitahu, jabatan itu memperuntukkan sebanyak RM20 juta untuk membina sekurang-kurangnya 20 buah pusat RT di seluruh negara.Selain itu, kata beliau, pihaknya juga akan membaik pulih premis-premis Tadika Perpaduan dengan peruntukan kira-kira RM50,000 sebuah bagi keselesaan kanak-kanak yang belajar di kelas tadika.



One of the wonderful things about volunteering in youth camps or workshops is that you get to see graduate participants remember you kindly, though the camp was aeons ago ... once, when my car broke down, this young man jumped off his motorcycle and helped to push it to the side of the road. He offered to find a mechanic. Thanking him, I said it wasn't necessary as someone was already coming. To my surprise, he said "Ok, teacher, bye. You need anything, call me at xxx". It seemed that he remembered being a participant at an FPA youth camp years ago. Perhaps incidents like this are one of the reasons for volunteers to continue working in youth camps every year.

Some of this year's enduring moments unexpectedly came during our first-ever Perpaduan(Unity) camp co-organised with Kawasan Rukun Tetangga (the Neighborhood Task Force) Mt Erskine, Kemah Kerja Nilai Murni Remaja. The camp focused on creating good values among youths. The camp was conducted from 16th to 19th October 2003 at the Sports Centre of Westlands (PSKW) in Penang and involeved 40 students.

The ten fully-committed volunteers ranged from 19 years to 71 years. On the last night, we celebrated the actual 71st birthday of one of our volunteers, Mrs Molly Kwong. She declared that she would come back for the "surprise" party after celebrating with her family (husband, children, grandchildren and six dogs) because we are also her family! Late into the night and early morning, Molly was on the stage demonstrating dance steps in synchrony with the karaoke performers. Grassroots volunteers like Molly inspire me to work in community services. I admire Molly's passion for life. I attended another friends birthday steamboat dinner, but I made a point to return to PSKW to see Molly cut her cake.

Molly joined Penang FPA in 1998. At youth camps or seminars or National Council of Women's Organisation's meetings, Molly puts those half her age to shame with her energy. For this camp, Molly was put in charge of food and beverage. Because of her, all the 40 lower secondary school participants from all over Penang had plenty of good food and water. The caterer was impressed by our washing up system and scrap food recycling for dog-owners.

Adding colour to the camp were the six youth facilitators, who were coordinated by Ms Christine Low. Though the going for the participants was tough at the Intention Walk, Night Owl (a leadership activity), Telematch and Station Games, they really enjoyed these active breaks. These broke the ice for them and with the facilitators' team. Edmund Phoong was thoroughly drenched from the splashing during the games; Kuan Y'ng Y'ng was powdered in flour and Goh Hoay Fang had her face painted in colour stripes just like the teens. Nur Azyyati, Jennifer Tan and Loo Sian Siong managed to preserve their appearance.

A municipal enforcement officer, Mr Shankar, acting as voluntary night camp warden, evoked very strong reactions among some 14 year-old boys who had looked forward to sneaking out of the camp hostel after lights out but were deterred by Mr. Shankar.

On the second day, there was some drama. Four participants, unhappy with rules like "no going out of camp area" and "no hand phones" (ground rules were made by participants themselves) were "caught" running away. They were stopped by an alert volunteer. After a personal chat with Engie, each decided that they would stay, as they came to "make new friends and have fun" and they would not be getting that experience if they went home. Molly offered them the chance to go home when their teacher (participants' going home were to be fetched by parents or teachers) came but they declined. On the last day, the two boys and two girls declared that they achieved their intention as evidenced in their autograph books and they were glad to have stayed.

This Kem Nilai Murni was special because we worked differently for the first time in many ways. Unity and self-esteem were the values we wanted to create. As Perpaduan officers had requested for a camp to cater for ethnic Chinese and Indian youths, a lot of effort was made to ensure the Indian youth participation matched the numbers we had set. We succeeded through intensive informal networking with Indian-based organizations by Project Officer M Jaya. She telephoned people while on the way to factory activities and on the bus coming to work as there was only about ten days to recruit participants. Without her there would be no youth camp because it can only happen when there are participants.

At the end of the camp, I can truly say that I experienced unity and self-esteem when a team of people contribute in their unique ways to realize a vision. Project head Ms Yeap Meng Chee was so iron-willed to see the camp through that she attended night meetings with RT and morning meetings with Perpaduan. Despite the challenges of budgetary problems and changes, she really ensured the show went on. During the camp, she came to facilitate workshop sessions, went to work and then returned to the campsite in the evening.

Rukun Tetangga members who came for the games and performances were amazed at the results of each session: students' happiness interacting with others, creative models of their team work, pride on stage, courage using the microphone to speak publicly, acting, singing and dancing. The Indian teenagers spontaneously put up a cultural performance at the finale. Parents'/relatives who came to fetch them were bursting with pride to see their children do so well. What they (parents and students) experienced was more self-esteem and more unity with those they interacted with.

Another first: strict discipline with penalty. The penalty could be to exercise (for non-punctuality), to sit in front of Ms Chan Bee Suan, female warden (those playing with hand phones or side talking). Students had male and female group leaders who attended nightly meetings with the organizing committee. In this way, the facilitators got to know how the participants were doing. Strict discipline meant no double standards. The volunteers were treated likewise. I had a meeting at 7.00am on the third day, so I left at 6.30am and returned before 9.00am for my session.

It really showed up when we conduct activities with love. All the volunteers had fun too. No moment of boredom though they were tired out. A month after the camp, a Form Two student who was a team leader at the camp saw Christine and I with a volunteer of Women's Development (WD) Committee and a visiting FPA member from another state in a fast food outlet. The boy waited for his parents and younger siblings to come in to introduce us at some length... in Hokkien. Whatever his academic achievement, this boy will be a leader and FPA would have been part of his journey.

With such dynamics, it is easy to understand how it was that the education sub-committee volunteers were motivated to run three camps in six weeks; ie we had Camp Reach Out and Teach (ROOT) MPWK (Majlis Pembangunan Wanita dan Keluarga) and Regional RHAM (Reproductive Health of Adolescents' Module) Youth Camp on top of a myriad of other activities and the daily clinic operations. FPA premises looked like and sounded at times like a market in those months.

Ten participants joined as FPA members after the camp, although their parents initially reluctant or apprehensive. Our youth volunteers' zest to leave a legacy speaks for itself when the new youth members chose to be involved in the recently concluded "Reach Out and Touch" World AIDS Day event on 7th December 2003.

As Sian Siong once said, "At first I don't know why we do... it was fun doing, meet people, had chances to go places; after some time, I knew what made me continue... now I know how... that's why I want to recruit other youth to join us".


News Title : Section 5 Rukun Tetangga Health Fair 2004
Media Source : The Star
Publication Date : 5 September 2004

Kuala Lumpur- Pantai Medical Centre, Bangsar, participated in the Taman Petaling Jaya / Gasing Indah Rukun Tetangga (Section 5) Health Fair recently to offer an array of medical tests especially for the residents of Section 5.

The Rukun Tetangga Health Fair was graced by, Datuk Ahmad Termizi Puteh, Yang Pertua MPPJ and YB DatoHj. Ghazali Hj. Amin, OCPD Petaling Jaya.

As a responsible corporate citizen, PMC provided a quick medical check-up for more than 500 residents of Section 5 and their family members at the health camp in the Section 5 playground.

Medical screening offered include glucose test, body mass index, blood pressure test, breast examination consultation and dietetics consultation. Residents above the age of 40 were especially encouraged to undergo the medical screening.

As a medical service provider, Pantai Medical Centre realises the importance of promoting the adoption of a healthy lifestyle at the community level.

The medical screenings offered will enable the residents to take preventive measures and ensure that they are in healthy condition,Choy Wah Wei, Chief Executive Officer of PMC said.

He added that PMCメs participation in the health fair was also part of the hospitalメs plans to reach out to the community to impart the importance of healthy living whilst updating the residents on the services and facilities of the hospital.

モWe hope to work closely with more residents associations across the nation to encourage their participation in our health camps,ヤ Choy said, adding that the interest shown by the residents is a proof that Malaysians are increasingly becoming more aware of their healthcare needs and are taking proactive measures to learn more about common medical issues.

PMC will hold regular health camps at various community areas in Malaysia to educate the public on the importance of healthcare as well as provide various medical screenings.

モAs a service provider that strongly believes in service from the heart, we have decided to take our services to our clients and the rest of the community for their convenience,ヤ he added.


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